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Experienced Mississippi Bail Bondsmen Dispute “Dog’s” Tracking Tactics

For the Wilson's, a Jackson couple who admitted knowing the felon, their life became a hell of harassment and the bondsmen seeking information from them were “rude, obscene and aggressive.” They were so affronted by their behavior that they went so far as to post a “no trespassing”...

Loopholes Within Bail Bond System Concerning Preferential Treatment

At least in Texas, the law stipulates that after a period of 270 days the bail agent must pay the full amount on felony bonds. According to Long, this law permits (or at least doesn’t forbid) some attorneys from obtaining passes that are not permitted under the schedule. If this...

Relief in Chicago For Inmates Who Cannot Afford Bond Payments

In Cook County, Illinois, non-violent offenders have been given a second chance to petition for their release thanks to the initiative known as the Motion To Reconsider proposed by county President, Toni Preckwinkle. This new attitude will foster an increase in staff whose job...

Judges Concur That Bail Is Most Effective Pretrial Release

The results of the study held up a mirror to the misunderstood reality of the bail industry and attempted to dispel some current distortions and stereotypes surrounding this obscure but very significant industry.

Controversial Anti-Islamic Filmmaker Held Without Bail in Los Angeles

Basseley was arrested late last month for lying about his identity and having changed his name back in 2002 to Mark Bassely Youssef but without telling federal officials. It was this fact that heavily affected his probation concerning the bank fraud allegation. Press sources...

Setting Bond Seen As Key Issue In Magistrate Race

The citizens of Cabell County are somewhat split on the setting of bail bonds for criminal defendants.

The Bail Bond Industry Battles The Issue of Public Safety

While the concept of bail bonding dates back to the days of early America and our founding fathers, its roots lay in the civil codes of medieval England when local sheriffs released defendants from jail on their promise to return for trial.

Pennsylvania Bondsman Comes To Terms Over Bail Forfeiture Dispute

His bad luck could have been worse, for at least he was able to track down the defendant, Rudolf Zigray, and deliver him right to the doorstep of the courthouse.

How is Bail Cost Determined?

No one wants to shell out hard-earned money after being arrested, but posting bail is a sad fact of life many have to deal with. Bail is the amount of money you pay to the court after being arrested to ensure not just your release until your trial, but that you will return for...

California Officials Address Prison Overcrowding

It took decades for the problem to reach its current proportions and according to the Los Angeles Times, last year the United States Supreme Court finally upheld population ceilings which were designed to not only limit the number of prisoners incarcerated, but also to improve...

Freed After 19 Years: Hope Springs Eternal for Wrongfully Convicted

According to the Los Angeles Times, 37-year-old John Edward Smith served 19 years of a life sentence for a 1993 drive-by shooting murder, that he did not commit. Through the efforts of Deidre O’Connor, founder of the non-profit organization, Innocence Matters and her dedicated...

North Carolina Offers One Choice For Bail Bond Training

There are supporters of the change: those concerned with the state’s tight payroll and a need for integrity within the industry. Wayne Goodwyn, Insurance Commissioner, firmly believes that the operation of multiple companies is a positive force because they prevent his own department...

Should Money Bail Be Eliminated?

The Justice Policy Institute (JPI), a national non-profit law and justice advocacy and research organization, is calling for all states to end for-profit bail bonds practices.

Missouri Bail Bondsman Speaks About Toddler Locked in Filthy Home

According to Vetsch, the child was in terrible condition and the home was in complete disarray. Pornographic tapes and used needles lay strewn everywhere and the police report stated that if a fire had erupted the child would have been unable to unlock or raise the windows in...

Bail Bond Agents Becoming True Victim Advocates

The Expert Bail Network has opened up an avenue for communication between bail agents, victims and consumers by updating its website so that consumers now have the ability to access the NCVC via their Assistance Directory.

How to Get Your Bail Lowered or Waived

Getting arrested is a terrifying prospect, especially when you consider the financial implications. Not only do you risk losing your job or missing out on precious work hours, you face a potentially high bail.

Pre-Holiday Kindness: Bail Bond Company Hot Line Sponsors Toy Giveaways

This toy drive is an example of how caring professionals can involve themselves in community causes that will benefit the greater good. This project will insure that brand new toys will be given to needy children in their local area this holiday season. The idea of giving back...

Recovery Imminent For Bail Bond Services

The report estimates that over the course of the next five years consumers will be forced to save less as credit card interest rates will rise which will boost the demand for bail agents.

Skipping Bail in Hawaii Can Pose A Risk to Families

According to Hawaii’s Revised Statutes, bail can be denied to any defendant if a judge deems an unacceptable level of risk that the defendant will engage in illegal activity, flee or present a danger either to the public or to themselves.

Defendants and Bail Bondsmen: Information and Expectations

Trust is not a commodity that can be bought or rushed; it must develop over time, like fine wine, nurtured by honest exchanges between both parties. This is first tested when information is garnered concerning a defendant’s references.

No-Cost Personal Bonds Make Judges Leery

The judges in Harris County are known to be on the conservative side and it is for this reason primarily that they are reluctant to grant no-cost personal bonds, which have become very popular in other parts of the state.

Missouri Court Considers Cash-Only Bail Requirements

The truth of the matter is that many who are arrested can be released from jail as soon as bond is posted. Usually a bail bondsman covers the cost of the bond for a fee. Judges also have the option to establish a cash-only bail that requires defendants to pay the full sum in...

What Happens To You When You Can't Post Bail or Get a Bail Bondsman?

You never thought it would happen to you but it has: You’ve been arrested and now have to post bail to avoid sleeping in a prison. For the uninformed, bail is merely an agreement set forth with the court that ensures you will return when it’s time for your court date. Unfortunately,...

Do Bail Bondsmen Need Bail Associations?

The more bondsmen know, the more power they have because knowledge fosters awareness. In the same manner as a domino effect, successful strategies are tried in one place and then spread, like a benevolent virus, to others.

Smart Phone Apps: Will They Change The Bail Process?

Tech-savvy protesters use smartphone apps that send alerts to their loved ones and friends advising them of an eminent arrest. This in turn affects how quickly people adjust to this unpleasant new situation and doing what they need to do next; namely, securing bail.

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