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The US Bail System: Reform or Replace?

If a judge sets bail for a minor offense, a bail bondsman will not be likely to post a low cost bond because his share, which is usually between 10-15%, will be too small to warrant his time and effort

California Arrest Procedures: Booking, Processing and Setting Bail

Booking can be accomplished in as little time as an hour and as much as ten or twelve hours. Arrests over the weekend, nighttime, mealtime and during shift changes can mean longer booking periods.

Arizona Law Denies Bail For Illegal Immigrants

The American Civil Liberties Union's Immigrant Rights Project has initiated legal action against the ruling using Proposition 100, also called the Bailable Offenses Act, as their battle cry.

Educating The Public About the Bail Industry

Joel believes that most people know very little about the mechanics of the industry and that many who claim they do are more influenced by reality television and the media than the truth.

Arizona Bondsman Demands Tougher Standards for Recovery Agents

Although bail recovery agents can no longer blast their way into homes without permission, their job training is still sub-standard according to John Burns, president of the Arizona Bail Bondsmen Association.

PBUS Winter Bail Conference: Change of Venue and Focus

The event will run through the 27th at the Mirage Hotel and Casino as opposed to previous years where the event was hosted at gangster, Bugsy Siegel’s bullet-riddled lovechild, the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

San Francisco Jail Hosts Valentine's Day Flash Dance

According to the press, both prisoners and staffers alike performed Break The Chain, which is part of the international One Billion Rising campaign, which focuses on addressing the elimination of abuse and victimization of women.

Bail Bonds and Drunken Driving Charges in Southern California

What should you know about DUI charges and bail bonds? In the past, an officer would stop someone who had been drinking and driving and send them along with a warning to go home and not pass go or collect $200.

North Carolina Bail Bond Company Extends Helping Hand To Entrepreneurs

By navigating newcomers along the right path to establishing a new and successful bail bond company, it is hoped they will avoid some of the pitfalls. Gaining valuable criminal justice and business management experience is just one of the byproducts of working within this...

Bail Bond Reform In New York

The structure of the bail bond process removes the decision of who will be released and who will be incarcerated from the judgments of judges and lawyers and into the hands of bail bondsmen.

Can A Bail Bond Company Be Sued For Bounty Hunter’s Actions?

The case in question was the end result of a lawsuit dating back to 2004 which was initiated against CJ Johnson Bail Bonds by felon, Larry Stout, who in July of 2002 lost a leg after a bounty hunter rammed his car from behind while trying to capture him.

Tabloids of Felons: The Value of Online Mugshot Galleries

Some claim that these online galleries help keep communities safer while others scream that public shaming may have its place within our justice system but it cannot be at the cost of a fair trial.

New Bail Bond Study Predicts Criminal No-Shows

No matter which release option the defendant chooses, a failed court date costs the county an average of $1,777 in operating expenses. About 25 percent of all released defendants fail to appear for their court dates and the amount of money wasted over the course of a year is...

Felon Climbs On Roof To Avoid Bail Bondsman

Captain Mike Parker of LA Sheriff’s Department told the press that on January 25, a bail bondsman had arrived at his home to take him into custody and he tried his best to evade him by climbing up on the roof and crouching on the chimney.

Cowboy Bail Bonds Wins 2012 Dallas Award

Cowboy Bail Bonds receives an average of 40,000 calls per month and their network of capable agents have the ability to post bonds in every county throughout the entire state of Texas.

Bail Bondsmen Host Saturday EZ Bail Radio Show

The show airs in Greensboro, North Carolina on RUSH RADIO 94.5. The two agents are there to answer questions that most consumers don’t think about asking until they need a bail bond which is too late to shop around carefully for the best bail company for your particular needs.

Meet The Bond Chix: Jacksonville’s All Female Bail Agency

The Chix themselves believe they are their own version of the famed fictional trio that graced so many television screens several decades ago. They care about and want to make a difference in the lives of their clients.

Freedom and Bail Bonds: The Loss of County Funds Due To Pre-Trial Services

The public cost of a single “failure to appear” is approximately $1,775. By using commercial bail bonds, the county saved over $7.6 million among felony defendants and $3.5 million among misdemeanor defendants. The largest disparity in costs fell between commercial bail bonds...

The Bail Bondsman And Personal Privacy

Mug shots can be embarrassing and both getting arrested and/or released from jail via bail bonds used to be an entirely private matter known only to family members and close friends. Technological advances have made the techniques utilized by the paparazzi seem mild in comparison...

The Difference Between Bail And Bail Bonds

When the entire cost of bail cannot be posted (or if the defendant doesn’t wish to post the full amount), bail bondsmen can issue a bond on behalf of the accused. The bail bond is never the entire amount and it promises that if the defendant dos not appear as scheduled, the bail...

California Bail Bondsman Sponsors Children’s Education

Whoever doesn’t believe in miracles, should pay a visit to the new school for children in South Western Uganda that Rynerson’s generosity has helped to create. The journey to self-reliance begins with a single step and a helping hand, which Rynerson has faithfully extended with...

How Are Bail Bond Amounts Established?

Special conditions and requirements can also be tagged onto bonds such as in the case of domestic violence charges and an order to forbid contact with the victim of a ”domestic incident” as a pre-requisite for bail. For bonds that total $5,000 or less, 10% is added automatically...

Can Bail Bondsmen Prevent Clients From Jumping Bail?

Reducing the risk of missed court appearances may not be as dependent on the whims of a felon as you might think. A pro-active approach can do much to reduce liability and the following tips should be placed somewhere neatly under your bail bondsman cap.

Virginia Bail Bondsman Gives Back to His Community

Known as CJ to his friends, bail bonds are in his blood. He grew up in a family-run bail office and learned at an early age that being a bail bond agent was about making a difference and bettering the lot of others.

Can Bail Bond Companies Be Sued For The Actions of Bounty Hunters?

Hidden somewhere between the ABCs and facts of life is the rule that as adults we are responsible for our own actions. Sometimes, in a confusing twist of fate, we can be held responsible for the actions of others who are sub-contractors. In other words, the buck ends with whoever...

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