Educating The Public About the Bail Industry

Bondsman Joel Horowitz of S&H Bail Bonds is a bail agent determined to make a difference in his Van Nuys, California community. He gives back in is own way and on his own terms whether he is instilling the true aspects of the criminal justice system in the impressionable minds of younger people or helping out a family distressed by the sudden incarceration of a loved one.

Joel is determined to rupture the stereotypic images that predominate public perception of the bail bond industry. He believes that most people know very little about the mechanics of the industry and that many who claim they do are more influenced by reality television and the media than the truth.


The second generation bail bondsman had this to say to a young high school student about the truth behind the bail bond industry:  “What people don’t understand about the bail bond business is that it is nothing like the television shows and movies that people are being exposed to. Comparatively, bail can actually be pretty boring and unglamorous.”

The bail industry is the grease that oils the criminal justice machine. It accomplishes this by ensuring that defendants who are released from jail before their trial date show up for court. Without a court appearance, there is no trial and the justice process is halted dead in its tracks.


The young high school student had many questions for Joel Horowitz and the bail bondsman took an entire afternoon trying to answer them. Once again, according to him:

“Most kids want to know how often I have to go after bad guys and kick in their door. When I tell them that bail agents are a lot like other insurance agents and that running around chasing bad guys is not something that we do every day, they are usually let down a bit.  But after I explain the process and how we are able to get defendants to show up more successfully than any other form of release, they do begin to get it.”

Promoting education and the elimination of stereotypes, Joel is on a mission to informing the public about the bail system even if they never need to hire a bondsman in their lifetime.  He firmly believes that the more youth know about this end of the justice system, the better the odds they will avoid trouble.”

Kudos to you, Joel and may others follow your shining example.



Posted by M Dee Dubroff, on February 22, 2013 at 9:00 AM