How To Expand Your Bail Bond Business in The Internet Age

Expanding your bail bond business begins by first recognizing the need for improvement in certain target areas. One area that offers a vast frontier of possibilities in terms of an audience is the Internet. The following represent some thoughts about how this resource can be harnessed to help your business grow in the coming years.

Learn more about local search marketing

A successful online strategy must include local search marketing. Location-specific services will only work if you learn about and adapt to the way people search for services in the area in which they live. Local search marketing is much easier than a full scale SEO campaign. With a local search, you only need to provide contact details such as: name, address, phone number and website URL. You should also include as much information about your business, operating hours, products and services as the space will allow.

Multiple directory and network listings

Directory listings tie into local search marketing in much the same manner as a word of mouth recommendation for a product or a service does. Multiple directory listings are sure to get you leads, but transforming those leads into viable clients requires the added push of trusted networks.

Although it may take real marketing skill to determine the return on these listings, vertical directories do generate much traffic and the high ranking of keywords, particularly larger directories such as Yelp or the Online Yellow Pages.

National or State Associations

Membership in state or national associations is vital to the process of networking. This is largely due to their annual, bi-annual or monthly meetings where bail agents connect with each other professionally and exchange business tips. Expanding your network can only lead to good things.

Free resources

While you will have to pay to join various organizations, you should also utilize the many free resources that are at your disposal. Make one of your goals to be the use of whatever you can find to help you connect with your clients and job opportunities. Keep your eyes open as help can come along in the form of a helpful article, a smartphone app or a computer program.

Set up a Facebook page and learn all you can about social media as it relates to your bail bonds business. Consider the Bail Bond Professionals LinkedIn group and Bail Bonds on Yahoo for tips and commentary on the latest industry news.

Create a website or revamp the one you already have

Websites create a psychological checklist for potential clients. They are very likely to want to check out your site before initiating contact. If you have a website and have let it go, check it for broken links and outdated wording. Make it look modern and professional so that it can affect your search engine rankings.

Grow with the times and expand your services

Like so many of the world’s entertainers who seek to capture the admiration of new generations as they come along, your business has to grow and attract new people with new things. Everyone knows the basics of what a bail bond company does, but you need to think outside the box (or make it a bigger box) to accommodate different related needs and services.

You will need to make an executive decision as to which route you would like to go. For example, would you rather focus more on fugitive recovery or providing more advanced skip tracing services? You can also add a host of other services to your business. Consider electronic monitoring, private investigations, fingerprinting and process serving. Find creative easy to inform clients about all that you do (fun flyers and ads).

Go the extra mile for your clients

Your business is only as good as your customer base. Do the unexpected and check in with your clients and ask them how they feel about your customer service and what you can do to improve. You should also be available to clients via your cell phone when you are on the road and/or out of the office. Most clients will turn to the first agency that answers the phone.

Always do the best job that you possibly can

You want to focus always on doing a job that will exceed your clients’ expectations. This means a straight and precise line of communication, which will help to build trust. Answer questions, handle complaints, look your clients in the eye when you speak to them and be patient when explaining the bail bonds process to those who may be unfamiliar with its complexities. Exceeding expectations means repeat business and referrals.

Advertise everywhere you go in anyway you can

Shamelessly put your logo and contact information on everything that walks, talks and moves. Get your own business stationery with your logo displayed on envelopes, letterhead, faxes, and the signature file of your email. This costs you nothing and it exposes your name and business to clients and colleagues on your email correspondence lists. A tagline after your name that reinforces your services is a good idea. (For example: Henry Smith- Bail bonds and Fugitive recovery.

Invest in your business

Improvement as well as an expansion of your customer base is the key to successful business growth and that often means investment in tools that will help you streamline your operations and enhance your relationships with your clients. Effective marketing requires money and it is the necessary grease to run your operation as efficiently as possible.

Growth takes time, energy and tools. Learn to look ahead for hope and inspiration with your eye always on ways to do what you do better than you did before. Think of clever ways to market and advertise your company.

Just keep going with one foot in front of the other.

You’ll get there.

Posted by M Dee Dubroff, on April 25, 2012 at 9:00 AM