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Maryland District Court Sued on Bail Bonds Issue

In a unique twist, a company in the business of insuring bail bonds is suing Maryland’s District Court for not making competitors pay when defendants skip bail.

Bail Bondsman Arrested in Drug Sting

Three Lincoln county men had a rude awakening when SWAT officers arrived at their homes in response to tips that the men were selling both marijuana and methamphetamine.

Bail Bondsman's Practices Questioned

Bail bondsman George Zouvelos has been attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. This Brooklyn based bounty hunter is facing scrutiny for his business practices.

Bail Bondsmen Are Out of Business in Mingo County

A new administrative order went into effect on October 1st, 2013 that basically puts bail bondsmen in Mingo County, West Virginia out of business.

Bail Bonds Employee Purchases Stolen Merchandise

In Boca Raton, Florida on September 20th, a resident reported that someone had broken into her home and stolen some items. She was missing an iPad and a 48” Samsung flat screen television.

Bail Bond Company Sued for Entering Wrong Home

As a result of entering the wrong home, two bounty hunters and a bail bondsman are being sued.

Bail Bond Office Opens in Capitol Park Complex

Davis Rhorer thought the flashing arrow sign was part of a movie set when he first spotted it in the Capitol Park complex. In actuality it was the sign marking the new home of Bustout Bailbonds Office, located near the Louisiana State Museum.

OK Bail Bonds Offering Faster Results

OK Bail Bonds in Oklahoma is promising quicker service for their clients in Houston.

Keeping Forfeited Bail Bond Money Local

Some judges, like Porter Circuit Court Judge Mary Harper require defendants to post cash bonds. Harper does this so that money is available to cover costs that are associated with each case.

Bail Bondsman Profile: Joe Palmer

Bail bondsmen come to the job from various walks of life.

Local Bail Bonds Company Pays Large Forfeiture

Bail Hotline Bail Bonds has been ordered to pay $1,240,000 to Los Angeles County after one of their defendants failed to appear as scheduled.

Bail Bondswoman Charged with Fraud

Tynekia Buckley, 41, a former bail bondswoman has been charged with conspiracy and fraud.

Gold Used to Post Bond

In what most would consider an unusual move, a pile of gold was used to post bail for a Romani defendant. The pile of gold was worth over $100,000.

Choosing a Seminole County Bail Bondsman

In Seminole County, potential clients cannot try to shop around for a better price in the bail bonds sector because the pricing is determined by law.

Bond System Reduces Incentive to Appear in Court

St. Joseph County, Indiana is known for its strangely high number when it comes to statistics on people who have skipped bail.

Bail Bonds Company Holds Food Drive

Leo’s Bail Bonds is holding a food drive on Saturday, September 21st. The drive will go from 7am until 8pm. They are using the drive as a way to give back to their community.

Bondsman Jailed in Chester County

A bail bondsman from Chester County, South Carolina was arrested in early August because he was soliciting business in a court building.

Reasons for Posting Bail Instead of Waiting

All-Pro Bail Bonds offers bail bonds for consumers in San Francisco, Sacramento and other towns in California. They make it a practice to provide customers and potential customers with informational tips on the process of obtaining bonds.

Bail Bond Company Must Pay Over $82K

Triple R Bail Bonds Inc.’s Jeremy Rowland asked for more time when Judge Gordon Webb said the company had to forfeit the bond of over $82,000 for a specific client. The judge denied the request for additional time.

Craighead Bail Bonds go Digital

The Craighead County Detention Center and the Jonesboro Police Department are implementing a new system that allows detainees to bail themselves out of jail.

Las Vegas Dealing with Fake Bounty Hunters

Christopher Ontiveros-Cruz, 28 and Charles Sean Rush, 29 face charges for impersonating a police officer, kidnapping and burglary.

Collections Numbers Up for Bail Bonds No Shows

The Cameron County District Attorney’s office anticipates collecting twice as many outstanding bail bonds this year as they did last. Last year they collected almost $112,000. This year they have already collected $145,000.

OJ Simpson's Bail Bondsman Had Unique Relationship

O.J. Simpson’s bail bondsman found himself in a unique situation back when he first worked on the case in 2008.

New Tennessee Bail Bonds Law Causes Concerns

A new law that made it through the last legislative session in Tennessee has created some confusion and concern. Defense lawyers, prosecutors and bail bondsmen all are troubled by the new state law.

Designation of Bail as an Evidence Based Tool

Recently the Little Hoover Commission reported its findings on California’s controversial prison realignment program to the state’s governor, Jerry Brown.

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