Bail Bond Legitimacy Under Review

A defendant, Oral “Nick” Hillary found his release delayed while the prosecution was given more time to evaluate the legitimacy of his bond.

Hillary was charged with the murder of 12 yr old Garrett J. Phillips. The combined value of the three properties which were secured by Empire Bail Bonds to cover the $150,000 bond as well as the legality of the company itself is under review.

County Judge Jerome J. Richards said of the delay, “Based up on the people being served yesterday, they were not provided with sufficient time to investigate the truth in the documents.”

District Attorney Mary E. Rain was told (by the Fraud Department of Insurance), that Empire Bail Bonds was unlicensed.

“We dispute the legitimacy of the bond company,” she said. “We don’t believe they are licensed. They keep throwing out different bond company names and that concerns us. They are not consistently providing one name.”

Adding to the suspicion around the client’s bail was a discrepancy in the property appraisals received.

Posted on July 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM