Bail Bonds Companies See Increase Over Holidays

Over holiday weekends, there is typically a spike in alcohol related assault charges as well as DUIs. At times like this, the bail bond industry sees a spike in the need for their services.

Bad Boys Bail Bonds President C. Jeffrey Stanley says, “We hope people don’t need us but we have Los Angeles bail bond agents available 24 hours a day for no extra cost.”

It is typical for the CHP and the LAPD to increase their patrols during holiday weekends like the 4th of July. Stats from a previous year showed 16,568 alcohol-related accidents in California, with 1017 people losing their lives.

For those who do need the assistance of a bail bond agent, Bad Boys Bail Bonds is ready to provide service. They can often get their clients out of jail even during non-business hours. One piece of advice they offer: always leave extra cash with a friend that you can trust. This helps with a quick release as ATMs have daily limits and banks may not be open.

Bad Boys Bail Bonds is licensed in the state of California. They have offices throughout the state. They have been in business for years and offer the lowest rates allowed by law.

Posted on July 8, 2014 at 10:00 AM