Bail Money Handling Studied

In Washington County, Controller Michael Namie is looking into why the Washington County jail has not been turning over bail bond money to the clerk in a timely manner.

There is no indication of any money missing, but the audit conducted by Namie shows that 23 of 39 receipts did not get remitted to the clerk of courts office as they should have been (within one business day) during the year 2013.

The 23 receipts equated to $38,997. For those receipts, the time that the money and paperwork was kept at the jail varied from 2 days to 18 days.

The audit found that “receipts were issued out of numerical sequence. One receipt was marked ‘void’ when in fact, the bond was collected and remitted to the clerk of courts.”

Namie recommended that the established policy be followed: bail bonds should be turned over to the courthouse office the next business day after collection.

Warden John Temas says that there is only one person designated to receive the cash – and that there is no one prepared to do that if the designated person is not there.

Anyone posting bond at the jail must do so with cash, a certified check or a money order. Property bonds are not accepted.

Namie has discussed the issue with administrators at the jail, with the intent to get the money where it needs to go in a more timely manner.

Posted on May 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM