Bail Skipper Captured

David Flores, a fugitive for the past 8 months has been caught. He was released from prison last year via a plea deal after serving over 15 years for murder. Within the first 2 months after his release, he was arrested 3 times. The last time was for beating his girlfriend. He paid his bond and then skipped town.

Garry Logan, a bounty hunter working with Kenny’s Bail Bonds spoke about how difficult it was to capture Flores.

“He’s got a lot of friends. A lot of family. A lot of contacts everywhere. And he was … he was a squirrel. But we got him.”

Kenny Nulph of Kenny’s Bail Bonds was Flores’ bondsman. Nulph remembers sitting outside of Flores’ parents house on Christmas Eve waiting for him to come, but he never did.

Nulph managed to track Flores to Los Angeles. From there he went to Phoenix. At this time, Flores got sloppy and Logan was able to track him there. Logan worked with some out of state bounty hunters to capture him.

Logan was prepared for Flores to put up a fight, but he did not. “People think they have resources and they think they can hide. Don’t fool yourself. We got a few resources ourselves and we’ll find ya. May not be today, might not be tomorrow but we’re gonna get ya,” said Logan.


Posted on June 5, 2014 at 10:00 AM