Bounty Hunter Ride Along

A Fox affiliate in Michigan took the opportunity to ride along with some local bounty hunters to see what their job is like. They work hard to bring in criminals who have defaulted on their bail.

While some see the television shows that glamorize the business, there is much that is not shown. The owner of Bad Boys Bail Bonds, Tommy D., took the news crew with him on his search for a defendant Felder Cowart.

“We got a tip that Mr. Cowart might be south side of Muskegon, south side heights,” said Tommy.

His company uses a Facebook page to gather tips from the public. At times, they offer a reward for help that leads to an arrest.

Tommy explained the business in this way, “Johnny gets arrested on a $10,000 cash or surety bond, Johnny’s parents don’t have the $10,000 but they have $1,000 which they can pay us a 10% premium. They don’t get that $1,000 back, that’s our fee; we take a commission of that and share that with the insurance company that underwrites our bonds.”

The families do not have to pay any more if ‘Johnny’ shows up for court.

In many instances the bounty hunter can pick someone up with no struggle. The night the news crew was there, Felder Cowart did put up a struggle. No one was hurt and according to Tommy, no one from Bad Boys Bail Bonds has ever been seriously hurt but they all understand the risk.

The Bad Boys Bail Bonds company places approximately 100 people under arrest each year.

Posted on May 20, 2014 at 10:00 AM