Compassion and Service

Many people are caught unprepared when they find themselves in need of a bail bondsman.  The initial impression is that they’ll need to visit some scary place on the wrong side of the tracks in order to obtain the services of a bail bondsman.

“It’s not what you expect. This is not an underground, seedy type of business,” said Tonya Rynerson. She is a resident of Calabasas and has been involved with helping clients obtain bail for almost 10 years.

Rynerson Bail Bonds was founded in 1971. Tonya now runs the business with her husband, Greg. The business was started by Greg’s father. Rynerson Bail Bonds is part of the Calabasas based ExpertBail Network. This network serves people needing bail across the nation.

Most of Tonya Rynerson’s clients need her services because of drugs, domestic violence or some type of white collar crime. Rynerson understands that anyone can be arrested. She tries to offer a soft touch, being compassionate about her clients’ situations.

In the state of California, the bond fee is equal to 10 percent of the total bail amount. A bond is non-refundable. While many people believe that getting out of jail is a quick process, the reality is that it can take some time. The bail bond agent plays a crucial part in the process. Attorney Doug Ridley uses Tonya Rynerson for some of his clients.

“Bail bond agents get people out of a jam and provide relief,” says Ridley. “What I love about Tonya is that she is a genuine, kind person that you could very easily be having lunch with any day of the week. She is professional and put together and a lot kinder, in my experience than some of her competition.”


Posted on May 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM