Dog and Beth Visit Leo's Bail Bonds

The south-central area of Michigan is acting as the setting for an episode of “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” again.

The episode slated to air this Saturday on CMT at 9PM is titled ‘Love Conquers All’. The episode deals with the wedding of Leo Urban, the owner of Leo’s Bail Bonds. The show and its stars became familiar with Leo and his bail bond company when they came to the area in October of 2012 working to find the fugitive, Ricky Wheeldon.

The description of the upcoming episode on CMT’s website reads as follows:

“Dog and Beth’s old friend Leo Urban from Leo’s Bail Bonds in Mason, Michigan is getting married. The last time Dog and Beth saw Leo, they were hunting Ricky Wheeldon, one of the nation’s most wanted criminals. This time it’s all about celebrating Leo’s love for his new bride. With the wedding only days away Leo has a lot on his plate, so Dog and Beth decide to pitch in and help. Can they clean up Leo’s jumps before the wedding, so Leo can relax and enjoy his honeymoon?”

This episode is the 6th episode of the season. It is scheduled for additional airings at 2AM and 11PM Sunday, July 20th and also at 2AM Wednesday, July 23rd.

Posted on July 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM