Inmate Cons Her Way Out

A Pennsylvania woman is facing charges of forgery and identity theft after she tricked jail guards and a bail bondsman into believing she was someone else. Her efforts managed to get her released from prison before the mistake was discovered.

29 year old Evelyn Grace Campbell is now back in jail. A bondsman came to the jail to post bond for inmate Maretta Ruth Gamble. When Campbell heard the name Gamble, she stepped forward. She told the bondsman that she did not have any identification and he allowed her to sign the release papers.

Fayette County Warden Brian Miller says that the guards and the bondman should have had photos of the women involved. “Mitchell (the bondsman) came in to post this woman’s bond and somehow Evelyn Campbell ends up impersonating her. She came down, signed the bond papers and we released her,” said Miller.

The mistaken release occurred on a Friday. The issue wasn’t discovered until Saturday morning. Campbell turned herself in and was charged with forgery and identity theft. Her new bail is now set at $30,000.

Police consider Campbell to be more elusive than dangerous. She has a history of running from the police. The mix-up is still being investigated by the jail.


Posted on June 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM