Oregon a No Bond State

Oregon is often referred to as a safe place for criminals. This is because it is one of only four states that has no bail bond program. Bail bonds and bounty hunters are not permitted in Oregon.

The Multnomah County Warrant Strike Team was formed because of this situation. The team was formed in response to the fact that there were almost 30,000 outstanding warrants in the system 7 years ago.

The county’s numbers are higher than most and they feel that more resources are needed. The team of 4 managed to arrest almost 2,800 since the team was formed.

Jeremy Hubbard from the Washington State Bail Agent’s Association feels his neighboring state’s issues stem from the laws preventing bail programs. He believes that bail jumpers from outside of Oregon look to Oregon as a safe place to go in order to avoid arrest.

The bail system in Oregon was disbanded about 4 decades ago because of the belief that there was no way to regulate the private businesses involved in the bail industry. With the current laws they way they stand in Oregon, those committing misdemeanors in other states can head to Oregon with confidence that they will not be caught.

More serious crimes are a different story. Outside counties do refer to the Warrant Strike Team for assistance when they are trying to catch fugitives who have committed more serious crimes.

It is still a point of contention for many who feel that allowing bail bondsmen into the state would alleviate much of the load on the law enforcement teams.

Posted on June 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM