Police Arrest Man Posing as Bond Agent

In Tennessee, the police have arrested a man who was impersonating a bail bondsman. Isaiah Hanks Conway has been charged with the crime.

Conway preyed on those who were worried about getting their loved ones out of jail. The Public Information Officer for the police department said, “Our agents developed information that he was selling folks what they thought to be bail bonds but instead keeping the money for himself.”

Conway was under investigation for almost 5 months. It was discovered that he was specifically targeting those in the Hispanic community.

The accused has had other run-ins with the police. Back in 2010, he pleaded guilty in a similar case. Because of that case, he is not supposed to be working in the bail bonds industry in any capacity.

The experts always recommend that you work with a bondsman who is properly licensed. Always ask to see the agent’s license.

Posted on June 19, 2014 at 10:00 AM